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About Meir

Hi, i’m Meir: husband father, software developer, community leader. I have a passion for motivating others to help light their “flame within” so that together we can seek out ways to improve the lives...
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These are just a few sources that inspire me to learn, grow, and evolve every day. Mind Spirit Simon Sinek Tiny Buddha Becoming Minimalist Rabbi David Wolpe Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Wealth Technology...
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The Name

How is Meir Pronounced? May-EER or Mare  – These would be the proper Hebrew ways of pronouncing it MY-er – I am told that this is a German way of pronouncing it, and since my...
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Recent Posts

Start With a Good Headspace
The more we train the mind to notice distraction and come back to the present moment, the easier it becomes.— Headspace Distraction has gotten the...
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Time, Our Most Valuable Asset
Insert attention-grabbing text here!Did it work? When did life become so chaotic? Every day we are bombarded from every direction with ads, popups, notifications, calls,...
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Feedly: News Reader App
For a couple years now I have been enjoying this news reader app called Feedly. It is similar to the Google Reader I used in...
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